Sunday, January 17, 2010

Olympic Torch arrives at The Forks

The Oly Torch was coming through the 'peg, so Elaine and I decided to catch up with it at the Forks. I parked the car off Broadway, knowing that the traffic would be crazy, and walked over to meet Elaine at the Pancake House for supper. We had a front row seat as they were setting up the stage and booths. After we finished eating, we bundled up and headed outside. Things were really starting to pick up, so we picked a spot near the cattle fence . . er. . I mean, the crowd restrainers, and waited for the big moment. As part of the entertainment for the evening, three young ladies with pots of flammable liquid held together with chains, began swinging these devices around their heads and around the crowds as well. I kept my distance except for a few brief moments where I dared stick my camera in their direction to try and grab a quick shot before they set my Tilley on fire. The torch arrived just in time before everyone's Coke souvenirs froze in their hands, and you could feel the crush of the crowd as they pressed us into the fence . . . er . . . restrainers like a block of old cheese. But I knew we had chosen the right spot to catch all the action, so I crouched down in the break between two sections of fence, and snapped off a couple of quick rounds as the young man shuffled by, decked out in his reflective white jogging suit, grinning from one frozen ear to the other. The crowds filled in the gap behind him as he rushed to the stage. More psychodelic lights, speeches from every level of govenrnment in the country and a promise of fireworks to keep us outside for another hour or two. A good time was had by all. Now where can I get a hold of one of those glowing Coke bottles?

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