Sunday, January 3, 2010

DT 13.2 - Blogging Non-School -Related Photos (Dec. 31)

Home again and out on the prowl looking for those special shots to record. It's Dec. 31 and I'm heading home after being out all day shooting in the Selkirk area. Coming up Henderson Highway near the Hoddinot Road, I see the river through the trees, just as the sun is setting. There appears to be a clear area on the river where the sun is reflecting off the ice and I'm contemplating turning around to try and get the shot before the afterglow disappears. As I turn the car around, I'm come face to face with the moon rise over the tree line, and it's HUGE!
I quickly turn onto Hoddinot Road and take the first turn towards the direction of the moon. I end up in a farmer's field, so i jump out with me gear, run to the edge of the field and set up. I try 3 or 4 shots, and the moon disappears behind a low cloud bank. I thought it was supposed to be BLUE ?.

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