Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Working the Subject - 100 Creative Ways

Now here's a challenging assignment! Shoot 100 images of a 3 item still life. How tough can THAT be?
It would have helped if the three items I had chosen weren't all black. It was hard enough to shoot the initial setup in my basement, with several lights on the "still life" just to bring out some texture and depth to the scene.
When it came time to shoot the 100 images, I tried to set things up in the kitchen, with lots of natural light coming through from the window, but it created a huge reflection on the helmet's visor. Next step, take it outside so that the lighting levels will be higher; just set it up in the shade to take away the reflections. No such luck. Now I was getting reflections of the sky, overhead telephone lines, and the side of the house, off the entire helmet. Brainwave! Take all three items down to the community centre at the end of the block. Lay them out again on the grey asphalt, in the shade of the tree on the corner of the lot, and voila!, much improved lighting and more appropriate "backdrop".
After about 50 images, things were starting to get a little desperate. Maybe a closeup of the zipper on my riding jacket, perhaps a creative angle on the curve of my riding boot, the logo perhaps. By the time I got to 70 images, my time was running out.
I was scheduled to participate in the Nygard Fashion Show at 5:00 p.m. and it was already going on 4:00! I still had to upload all my images, create a Picasa album, and submit it to Sarah in 30 minutes!
I didn't leave the house until 5:00 p.m., and then had to drive across to the other side of town, in 5:00 traffic. I ended up at Nygard 30 minutes, but they let me in anyway. I am still haunted by the fact that I still needed to shoot ANOTHER 30 images of this still life to complete the assignment properly. I was really finding it hard to come up with different angles and ideas for this shoot. I found myself approaching creative exhaustion with this one. It was a good lesson to learn. Next time I'll choose my items with a little more forethought.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"LINE 'em up!"

After having completed this shoot once, I was temporarily traumatized when my whole assignment got "lost in translation", as the files were transferred to me from another location.

So, after reshooting this assignment again, it is finally ready to be viewed. Most of my shots were made around The Forks area, with a few more taken along Broadway Avenue, for a bit of variety.

Going on this "walkabout" in search for "lines" caused me to look at things quite differently than I normally would. Instead of walking along, ignoring most things and concentrating on what was on my mind at the time, I found myself looking for shapes, colors, contrasts, shadows and any other natural phenomena that showed itself as lines.

Even after the assignment was over, I was still searching for more lines, or maybe I just couldn't turn it off. Anyway, I had a great time wandering around looking for the simplest things that expressed themselves in lines.

Please have a peek at my Picasa slide show, and let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks!

Monday, September 14, 2009


My favourite genre of photography is Architectural. I like to find design themes or shapes within an image, something that throws off your natural perspective and vision.
I hope to learn more about the computer side of photography so that I can catalogue, touchup and communicate my images to others.
While looking through some old photos that I had taken years ago, I was struck by the importance of our work as recorders of people and events. In many cases, the only things we have left to remind us of our past are the images that "someone" has taken. WE are that "someone".

DT2.1 "Lines"

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