Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SPRING FEVER on Two Wheels

On Saturday of the Easter weekend, I took our son and son-in-law down to Wildwood Motor Sports to drool over the new Ducati, BMW, and Triumph motorcycles. The weather was pretty decent and the pavement almost felt like it was warming up. Unfortunately, it had snowed last night, but that didn't dampen our spirits. As we entered the showroom, we were confronted by a sea of new machinery. We each drifted off into our own dreamscape of sunny summer days, wind in our helmets and endless ribbons of highway to conquer. One of the best parts of window-shopping for a new bike is just admiring the mechanical design and execution of each specialized part that makes up each new model. In many cases, form follows function and in the best examples, there is an artistry that goes into the design, shape, and materials used to fashion each component. That is the flavor that I tried to capture in my images for this assignment; the beauty of shape, proportion and presence of these machines and the components that make up the finished bike. Hope you can see it too. This assignment had us shooting with 35mm color negative film, and then scanning the negs and uploading them into our computers for final prep before posting. A new experience. Enjoy!